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DermatitisDiet.co.uk is made up of a team who are passionate about helping people heal, start the Dermatitis Diet and improve their quality of life. We are dedicated to providing the best information and products that will help you get fit & healthy.

If you have ever asked yourself any of the questions below then you’re in the right place:


How can I heal my dermatitis?


How can I clear my skin?


Why have I got dermatitis? Why me?


What’s the best way to heal dermatitis?


Why is my dermatitis medication not working?


Heal Dermatitis

Understand exactly what the Dermatitis Diet is all about. Gain the knowledge to improve your health. We help clients treat their dermatitis.



Everything you need to cook delicious healthy recipes to help you heal dermatitis. Meals that are quick & simple to prepare, and taste great.


Meal Plans

Having weekly meal plans will help you to plan ahead and keep you on track. These will help avoid confusion and make treating your dermatitis very easy.


Shopping Lists

We provide a grocery list for your meal plans, so you know exactly what you need. You’ll know what you need to protect you from dermatitis triggers.

Do you have dermatitis? We can help…

Your health is your wealth. You deserve to be fit & healthy. In order to achieve this you MUST take action. You need to take responsibility for what you eat. Take ACTION to be the best you can be.

What can you get from us? Proven methods that can treat your dermatitis

How can you have healthy skin which is free of dermatitis? What foods are the best to eat? What foods cause inflammation and are bad for your health? How can you protect yourself from dermatitis – or reverse it? How are other people successful at reversing dermatitis? At DermatitisDiet.co.uk we aim to help you get your skin healthier than it was yesterday – eat better, heal your skin, and look & feel better – you can do that, you can effectively treat and even reverse your dermatitis forever.

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Our Dermatitis Guides Are An Investment In Your Future

Why do some people never develop dermatitis? You may have friends, or even family members who have a similar diet to you, or a similar lifestyle, yet they do not suffer from dermatitis? Why you and not them? As mentioned above, genetics is a factor when it comes dermatitis – now keep in mind that the genes of no two people are identical – even if they are from the same family. How your body reacts to inflammation can be different from someone else – and your genetics play a part in this.

Eat your way to good health, or continue with your current habits and suffer the consequences – the choice is yours…

There are many factors that cause inflammation, but the food you eat by far has the most impact on your health. By adopting the right diet – the ‘Dermatitis Diet’ – a diet that protects you from chronic inflammation, and does not include refined sugar, refined wheat, processed foods or vegetable oils – you will be able to prevent and heal your dermatitis.

Invest In Your Health

Our guides will help you!

Sugar, refined carbs and man made fats (industrial seeds oils) such as margarine – these are the root cause of inflammation – and are the cause of most modern diseases.

Modern food is the villain. You can treat and protect yourself from diseases such as dermatitis by removing toxic foods from your diet – foods such as sugar, refined carbs and industrial seeds oils (often referred to as “vegetable oils”).

How To Heal Dermatitis

Understand exactly what the Dermatitis Diet is all about. Gain the knowledge to improve your skin. We help clients transform their skin.

Skin Healing Foods

Reduce dermatitis symptoms this can all be achieved by following an anti-inflammation diet – the best of which is Dermatitis Diet

Reduce Inflammation

The solution to dermatitis is obvious: PUT OUT THE INFLAMMATION! Changing what we eat will have a profound, effect on your skin.

Improve Skin Health

We provide you with a step by step skin healing protocol to help heal your dermatitis. You will gain the knowlege to heal your skin.

Get Clear Skin

Get the skin healing eating tips you need, and you’ll get the best skin ever. We teach you the right lifestyle & mindset to adopt in order to have clear skin.

Gut Skin Connection

Understand the direct connection between your gut health and your sking health and how they are linked.

Hi, I’m Jonathan

I’m the founder of DermatitisDiet.co.uk. I help people learn about how to treat their dermatitis through diet and and how to improve their overall health & fitness.

Probably you’re here because you are suffering from dermatitis, or have a loved one who is, and you’re confused after searching for a treatment that effectively heals you – one that is not only good for you, but one that you can stick to.

Possibly you’re here because you are in pain e.g. itchy, red, bleeding skin or maybe even severe dermatitis flares, and your doctor has given you some pills e.g. steroids, but they’re not really helping – maybe they’re even causing you to suffer from insomnia, mood swings, weight gain, etc?

Possibly you’re here because you have tried numerous creams & skincare treatment and medication, and you’re just not getting the result you want.

Possibly you’ve followed your doctors advice and it just hasn’t worked and decided it’s time for a change – time to sort out your dermatitis once and for all.

I’m grateful for you being here, thank you.

My aim is to help inform, educate and inspire you into taking action to help you move towards a better skin and lead a better life.

We are passionate about helping people learn how to heal dermatitis and improve their health. We are dedicated to providing you with the best nutritional information.


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